Wellasih Therapies


A bath with sea salt, essential oils, fresh organic ingredients and flowers has many benefits in detoxifying the body, stimulating blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, and removal of contaminants through the pores. The soak in the bath is also a way to relax and refresh the body. To enjoy our selection of baths, a please order a session 24 hours in advance of the therapy.

Please inform your Therapist if you have high blood pressure

Sea Salt Bath

A soak in sea salt is therapeutic and serves as a purifier in lowering the acidity of the body through its alkaline content. Our sea salt bath helps to penetrate the pores, and salt removes built-up lactic acid (especially after strenuous fitness exercise) in the body. The therapy helps to reduce muscle pain and swells, skin disorders like acne and psoriasis, and some joint and sport injuries. It also serves to reduce stress, insomnia, improves blood circulation, and balances body and mind.

Herbal Bath

The herbal bath is a healing therapy where the key ingredient of lemongrass is used in delivering warmth and a soothing effect to the body, and removing body odour caused by bacteria. The bath refreshes and rejuvenates the body. And with the combination of ingredients that is absorbed directly to the skin, this therapy can relieve headache, stomachache, boneache, abdominal, menstrual and muscle pain.

Milk & Honey Bath

Our crafted milk and honey bath is designed to exfoliate the skin, promote cell renewal, moisture, inhibit the growth of bacteria and heal less visible cuts and bruises, and irritations. As lactic acid in milk is an alpha-hydroxy, it makes it a natural exfoliate and speeds cell regeneration.

Honey, with its natural sugar content and its low ph value serves as an effective antimicrobial that prevents bacterial growth. This power combination therapy will leave your skin soft, smooth and supple.

Please inform your Therapist if you are lactose intolerant

Detoxification Bath

Our detoxification (detox) bath is a way for the body to remove and metabolise toxins absorbed into the body through food, drink, the air we breathe, and even the medications we take. A detox bath is one of the easiest healing therapies that can be done to facilitate and enhance our body’s natural detoxification process.

The benefits are reduction of stress, better sleep and concentration, proper function of muscles and nerves, and reduction of inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps. Our detox therapy boosts health and well-being and also strengthens our immune system.