Wellasih Therapies

Body Mask

Body masks (or wraps) originated from tightly wrapped bandages or plastic wrap to induce quick weight loss through vasodilation. These types of slimming body techniques provide a temporary loss of weight and inches. At WellAsih, the body masks are prepared fresh on the day of your therapy. The body mask is supplemented with a relaxing face and hand massage. The various body masks therapies provide you the benefits that serve specific purposes.

Clay and Green Tea Mask

This mask therapy harnesses the ingredients of clay and green tea to revitalise youthful skin. The benefits for the skin include gentle exfoliation, youthful-looking skin, and the lessening of wrinkles.

Our mask is purposefully designed to use the exceptional ingredient of Green tea. It is one of the best natural antioxidants due to its large volume of polyphenols that is ideal for skin care including the treatment of skin conditions like acne. Green Tea’s astringent, smoothing and toning effects are perfect for any skin type.

Seaweed Mask

This mask is fine quality seaweed that serves as a natural exfoliate that is known to remove dead skin cells and clear blocked pores. Skin may also tighten in areas, and fine lines or small wrinkles are diminished from using a seaweed mask.

This therapy helps reduce the formation of toxins in your body through metabolic stimulation, assisting your skin in breathing more readily, and receiving optimal oxygen that is important in cell regeneration.

Chocolate Mask

Chocolate contains cocoa and the polyphenols helps one in graceful ageing as the skin gets moisturised. Our crafted chocolate mask is designed to cleanse the skin of dead cells, hydrate it and help it take on a smooth glow.

This therapy helps to smooth out the skin as wrinkles get plumped out, and achieves a temporary leaner body. Your skin will be left soft, supple and juvenile. And the scent of chocolate releases endorphins causing you to feel happy!

Bangkuang Mask (Signature Therapy)

A very popular mask, bangkuang is filled with calcium, phosphorus, starch, sugar and has a sweet taste. This natural wonder is known for its hydrating power with its high level of water of up to 90%.

Our tailored therapy is designed to remove stains or black spots, keep skin moist, and firm the skin. This helps the skin achieve a more smooth appearance, look radiant and glowing white.