Wellasih Therapies

Body Scrubs

A well-designed body scrub delivers the right ratio of skin-sloughing and moisturising elements, energising, hydrating, and with a fragrance that is balanced that leaves your body soft, glowing, and healthy. Our tailored scrubs deliver specific outcomes that cater to the needs of our guests.

Coffee Scrub

Coffee has the effects of dilating blood vessels which tones and tightens tissue. In addition, toxin buildup, one of the most common reasons of cellulite is released because of the antioxidants and stimulation that coffee delivers.

This therapy is designed to vigorously exfoliate and tone your body, and promote skin regeneration. Our coffee scrub helps decrease the formulation of cellulite as it dilates blood vessels that increase speed and volume of blood flow. This aids the removal of excess water from tissue and improves the skin’s appearance and tone, and also relaxes tight muscles.

Cinnamon Scrub

Cinnamon, a spice more commonly associated with cooking has extensive health benefits. Cinnamon is found to increase the production of collagen on skin and serve as an antioxidant.

Our scrub is designed to stimulate blood circulation, and as a topical application as a scrub, it increases collagen production and improvement in skin quality.

Our cinnamon scrub has antimicrobial properties. Continued and regular therapy will show improvement in the quality of your skin.

Chocolate Scrub

Chocolate is deemed more as a sweet indulgence, yet its cocoa offers skin softening benefits. Our chocolate scrub uses cocoa to gently remove dead skin cells, and reveal young, glowing skin beneath.

The scrub can also boost your skin’s moisture content and stimulate cell renewal. And due to the caffeine and antioxidants, the scrub speeds up circulation to temporarily firm your skin when it is applied topically as a scrub, and helps to protect your skin again wrinkle causing damage. You will improve the hydration of your skin & complexion leaving your skin soft and supple.

Strawberry Scrub

Strawberry is one of the most sensuous of fruits due to its folic acid. Folic acid is widely known to remove toxins from the body, reduce inflammations of joints, and helps with constipation and liver failure, reduces high blood pressure and to treat rheumatism.

The natural acid in our strawberry scrub helps remove toxins from your body, penetrate deep into pores cleaning them, remove debris and impurities, and tighten pores.