Wellasih Therapies

Feminine Care

Ratus Cleanse

This efficacious therapy for females only is specifically to care for the genital area. The Ratus Cleanse is a gentle hygienic therapy that is used periodically, for women after menstruation, and for post pregnancy.

The therapy also improves the overall hygiene, health and freshness of a woman’s most intimate organ. This therapy may be included as part of a package or undertaken on its own.

Arm Pit Scrub

The arm pit zone is normally affected with dark areas or spots caused by deodorants, antiperspirants, and even synthetic attire that additionally create ruptures. Bacteria formation adds to odours and poor hygiene.

Our therapy scrub is designed to reduce discolouration and dead skin cell, odours and increase personal comfort and confidence.

Breast Mask

Breasts that sag and become less firm over the years usually exhibit poor skin metabolism and as a woman ages, breast health may suffer.

Our breast mask therapy is designed to improve blood circulation, lifting and firming, and enhance the silkiness of the breasts leading to a woman’s better well-being and confidence.